7 Reasons Why Exhibiting at Trade Shows Is Worth It for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Exhibiting at Trade Shows Is Worth It for Your Business

So, what’s so great about trade shows? Firstly, exhibitions are a form of ‘permission based marketing’, which means visitors have made a conscious decision to attend and want to be sold to.

Trade shows offer a unique environment to simultaneously build brand awareness, network, close sales, maximise your future pipeline and speed-up the sales process. Even in the Internet age, when information is easier to come by, you’re more likely to secure a deal face-to-face at an exhibition.

Buyers come to trade shows with a budget to spend and are investing time to use it. If you aren’t taking your share – it means someone else is!

Take a look below to discover 7 Reasons why exhibiting at trade shows like IJL is crucial for your business…

Trade shows help to establish your brand identity

Whether you are established or are just starting out, exhibiting at a trade show demonstrates your commitment as a key player in the industry. Having a stand lets buyers know that you are invested in your business, while helping to raise your profile and affirm your position as a business that is serious about taking orders.

You can get face-to-face with your targeted audience

The fastest way to build relationships is face-to-face. From the very start, you can cement a solid relationship with your target audience and sign orders right there and then.

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Exhibition organisers work year-round to make sure that the right audience comes to their shows by vetting VIP’s, qualifying a trade audience and inviting or hosting international buyers to ensure a quality and quantity of visitors you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Trade shows will expand your market reach

Break into new markets by showcasing your products to international buyers, getting the unique opportunity to meet them on a one-to-one basis. You’ll meet a diverse range of industry professionals who can help to expand your business, such as trade visitors from museums, TV shopping channels, hotels, airline retail, e-commerce stores and more.

And show off your brand and products

Having a stand doesn’t only allow buyers to see, touch and try your product for themselves, but it also gives you the opportunity to present a large amount of your products as they would appear within their stores. Your exhibition stand can act as your ‘shop window’, allowing buyers to discover your brand’s personality as well as its products.

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You’ll benefit from a 365-day community

Exhibition organisers have an extensive database to help promote your brand. Benefit from exposure to a wide audience on the IJL website and via direct mail, e-newsletters, social media and media coverage. Make the most of an extensive marketing campaign as part of your exhibiting package and take advantage of targeted marketing and branding opportunities.

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Trade shows facilitate new relationships and maintain existing ones

Exhibitions offer a unique environment, not just to meet new leads and potential customers, but also to reconnect with your existing customers. Reinforce those all important relationships, introduce new products and increase orders during three intensive, but rewarding days!

Trade shows keep you up-to-date with industry insights

There is no better place to network than at a trade show. Uniting suppliers, buyers, distributors, agents, press, associations and industry professionals allows you to keep abreast with industry news and trends as well as learn from your peers and competitors.

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Benefit from the dynamic education, seminars and one-to-one advice not only from the jewellery industry, but from a broad range of disciplines.

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    7 good reasons why exhibitions are worth it!
    Attending a trade show is an ideal way to get you and your products/services in front of people. It allows you to also promote your attendance and get some marketing done too!

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