How Will the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Impact Jewellery?

How Will the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Impact Jewellery?

International colour expert Pantone has announced that its official ‘Colour of the Year 2018’ is cosmic-inspired Ultra Violet.

This blue-based purple is said to communicate originality, ingenuity and forward-thinking vision. Think futuristic cool meets star-gazing, star signs and swirling solar systems.

But what does this new colour mean for jewellery in 2018? IJL Trends Editor, Rachael Taylor, predicted the rise of Ultra Violet on the IJL 2017 Trends Catwalk with ‘The Next Frontier’ – a macro trend summarised by the phrase, ‘The Future Is NOW’.

This direction is embodied by geometric lines, abstract shapes and pixelated patterns inspired by both the virtual world and the retro 1960s race to the moon. The latter is brought to life with heavy silver designs, glittering finishes, collars and cuffs, hoop earrings, celestial motifs, metallic spheres, Perspex and acrylics, and galactic gemstones like opals.

The Next Frontier IJL 2018 jewellery trend
The Next Frontier – a SS18 Jewellery Trend revealed on the IJL 2017 Catwalk.

Ultra Violet also has links to pop culture, with the late Prince famously embodying deep purple as his signature colour. It is also the traditional colour of royalty, which ties in nicely to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018.

The colour also has ties to mysticism or spiritualism, especially around healing crystals and various meditative and yoga practices. For example, purple-toned lighting is often used in meditation spaces to promote an inner energy. Considering the rise and rise of athleisure-wear and the popular drive towards eco-friendly, vegan and green practices – it is likely the Ultra Violet will come to represent a lot more than just stars in the sky.

To give you a sense of how Ultra Violet could impact the jewellery industry in 2018, we’ve rounded-up our ideas into three key predictions. Let us know if you have any further ideas via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Galaxy Quest 

Galaxy and space inspired jewellery had a big moment in 2017, with a number of brands and suppliers turning to star motifs, futuristic shapes and out-of-this-world designs. Think KickStart alumni Sammi-Jo Coxon’s Steller Collection, or Claudia Bradby’s Moonlight offer with pearls dotting the centre of stars. Astley Clarke pushed the trend to new heights in 2017 with the launch of creative director Dominic Jones’ debut collection, Astronomy.

The collection includes the planets recreated in diamond and gemstone form, such as the Planet Earth earrings with blue sapphires, diamonds and glass enamel and pearl moons in orbit. Elsewhere, Jessie V E has enjoyed fantastic success with her Constellation rings that transform the zodiac signs into contemporary cocktail rings. We expect plenty more space-inspired collections to launch in the summer and autumn of 2018.

Rare Diamonds and Semi-Precious Gems

The new Pantone Colour of the Year offers a great opportunity to educate consumers about fancy colour diamonds, especially the rarest violet diamonds. This certainly wasn’t missed by the Diamond Producers Associaton – who shared some exceptional violet diamonds discovered by Rio Tinto in Australia.

Elsewhere, expect top-quality amethyst to have a resurgence in 2018, alongside a boom in iolite, purple and violet sapphires, rubellite tourmaline , violet-blue tanzanite, perhaps partnered with kunzite, opal, labradorite and moonstone with its signature adularescence – the bluish sheen of light that appears to float on its surface.

We also predict a rise in traditional enamelling and miniaturised space scenes or galaxies created on watch dials and dramatic pendants – think guilloche for the millennial consumer.

Visual Variety 

In 2017, the natural green hue of Pantone’s Colour of the Year inspired more pared back, nature-themed visual merchandising – a sense of bringing the outdoors into the home. With such a vibrant and futuristic-inspired colour this year, it is likely to get creative juices flowing. This bold interiors, eye-catching window displays and a regal air.

Plus, the space theme naturally conjures stories from popular culture, hinting at the moon landing, famous hit movies and TV shows with a nod to alien life and intergalactic adventures. As a result, retailers and brands will need to push their storytelling further in 2018 by capitalising on props, fantastic images and video content. Customers will expect nothing less.

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