Q&A: SMP Security Solutions on the benefits of bespoke safes

Q&A: SMP Security Solutions on the benefits of bespoke safes

The Jewellery Solutions area at International Jewellery London is dedicated to service providers and experts in the fields of security, packaging, photography, lighting and many more. 

Debut exhibitor, SMP Security Solutions, is just one of the new companies that will be showcasing their sophisticated products and technologies at Olympia Grand this year.

Here, sales and project administrator, Elaine Tipton, explains more about bespoke safes and the benefits they can bring to jewellery brands and retailers….

Q: Can you tell us a little more about the history of SMP and the type of services you offer?

ET: SMP are one of the largest and last remaining UK safe manufacturers with over 40 years’ of experience in the manufacturing of cash safes, jewellery safes, secure storage cabinet, medicine cabinets, deposit safes and underfloor safes. We are part of the Associated Security group along with our parent company Associated Security Solutions whom are a recognised and trusted name in the security world.

We can handle the full delivery, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of security solutions bringing peace of mind to our customers.  With a highly skilled workforce, we offer a 24/7 emergency service and full UK coverage.

Q: You offer a standard range of safes but what are the benefits of going bespoke? 

ET: Bespoke safes are the perfect solution to keep the clients possessions secure whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.  Bespoke safes are tailored and built to fit all customers’ needs and requirements with the choice of colour, interior, fitting and finish. Customers are not limited to choice when choosing a bespoke safe.

Q: When it comes to creating a bespoke safe for a jeweller what are the key factors that you consider and how do you go about ensuring it is the ideal solution for that business?

ET: There are five basic steps to ensuring the customer has the ideal solution…

No.1. Selecting the grading of the safe – the grade relates to how much value will be covered by an insurance company for the contents of the safe.

No. 2. Choosing the interior – interiors can be chosen from a wide range of leather, woods and felts.

No. 3. Choosing the size of safe – from a choice of 6 sizes.

No. 4. Choosing the colour – this can be chosen from a full range of RAL colour options as well as metallic, gloss and matte.

No. 5. Choosing the internal options – these can be tailored to the customers’ requirements, from watch winders, to display cabinets, to personalised car key holders; they can also add internal lighting.

Q: With disastrous events like the raid on Hatton Garden last year, have you noticed any increase in interest in your products?

ET: We believe that people become complacent about their security needs, until something like the Hatton Garden raid happens, they will then readdress their situation which is why we often see an increase in enquires following high profile events.

Q: What inspired you to exhibit at International Jewellery London in 2016?

ET: We haven’t had the chance to exhibit at the IJL before now, but we are excited to be joining you this year and think it is a brilliant opportunity. What sparked my interest was when I was compiling a mail shot for the jewellery sector when I came across an advert for the IJL. We can’t think of a better way for us to highlight our bespoke range, than to exhibit our unique safes and security solutions for everyone to see in person rather than simply through a photograph.

Q: What do you hope to achieve during your time at IJL and in the rest of 2016?

ET: Firstly we are hoping to raise awareness of our bespoke safes and security solutions. Seconding we are looking forward to meeting lots of professionals with in the jewellery industry that we can provide advice to and hopefully build a strong and long lasting relationship with.

Say hello to SMP Security Solutions and SLS Security at IJL 2016 from 4th-6th September in the Jewellery Solutions area, stand N39.

Find out more about this year’s seminar programme here.

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