IJL Inspired: Q&A with Diotima & Co.

IJL Inspired: Q&A with Diotima & Co.

Welcome to IJL! As a new exhibitor, and a brand-new company in the market, we would love our audience to get to know you… Why don’t you introduce your brand and tell us a bit more about what it is you do?

Diotima & Co. is a global technology company leading the way in creating revolutionary products for the gem and fine-jewellery industries. We are passionate about beauty and tech and finding innovative ways in which the two may meet. We’re launching the Eonia Diamond™ at IJL this year. It’s the most advanced diamond alternative in the world.

The Eonia Diamond™

  • Tests positive for diamond
  • Optically identical to diamond
  • Rates 9.95-10 on the MOHs Scale
  • 30% more resilient than diamond
  • Eco-friendly and ethically minded
  • Offers jewellers extraordinary profit margins
  • Offers customers unparalleled quality at a compelling price point

You have been developing this product for 5 years… Where did you get the idea from in the first place to begin this journey?

We are a customer driven organization. We listened to what jewellers and customers wanted. We heard loud and clear that jewellers wanted to earn a higher margin on a higher quality diamond alternative. We also know that customers have been looking for a truly exceptional and affordable diamond alternative. Our aim is simple, to meet the needs of the market for discerning retailers and buyers alike.

You have used innovative technology to create an outstanding product…Tell us more about the Eonia Diamond™ and the technology behind it!

Presently the process to create the Eonia Diamond™ has a global patent pending so we can’t divulge too much. What we can say is that it uses cutting edge diamond technology to create an exceptionally beautiful, exciting and unique stone that offers amazing retail opportunities to jewellers globally.

In terms of specs, Eonia Diamonds™ are always D-F, IF-VVS2 and H&A cut. Just like diamonds are forever, the Eonia Diamond™ is too. They’re as hard as diamonds and they’re actually 30% more resilient.

During your seminar at IJL 2019 you will be discussing the importance of technology in our ever-changing industry and how it is revitalising growth in the industry. Could you tell us more about how Diotima & Co. are contributing to this?

Technology has always been the driving force behind creating solutions and adaptability in any consumer market space. The jewellery industry is no different. Choice is the defining factor, and cost and innovation are central to market sustainability. It’s important to add we are not seeking to step on the toes of the diamond industry, instead we are seeking to beneficially add to it and generate interest which otherwise would not exist.

Jewellers are looking for viable choices to help them reinvigorate their margins. Likewise, customers want options too. Whether motivated by ethics or by finances, customers are looking for a truly exceptional alternative to a diamond.

In terms of costs, the value our new tech offers will really excite jewellers and customers!

The demand for sustainably sourced products, like your Eonia Diamond™, is growing at the moment. Consumers are becoming much more aware of where items are coming from and the impact they are having on the environment. Could you tell us about why this is particularly impacting jewellery and why retailers and designers should be listening carefully to this demand?

Ethics and sustainability are the mantra to 21st century consumers and this reflects on their purchasing choice. 45% of consumers now choose to purchase on the basis of ethics alone. It’s a tenuous and controversial subject, but well documented. The Eonia Diamond™ is created in a laboratory, uses a fraction of energy to manufacture (even in comparison to created diamonds), and unlike mined diamonds, the Eonia Diamond™ does not damage the environment.

What can visitors expect to see from you at IJL 2019?

We are so excited to launch the Eonia Diamond™ this year. At IJL, we’ll be demonstrating positive diamond testing at our interactive booth where we’ve also set up some comfy sofas for all to come, hang out, talk and watch us test our tech. We’ll have Eonia Diamonds™ on display and select jewellery pieces showcasing the stone. Check us out at booth C130!

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