IJL Inspired: Interview with Kickstart Winner, Becca Macdonald

IJL Inspired: Interview with Kickstart Winner, Becca Macdonald

A background in textiles, ceramics and sculpture influences Becca’s jewellery practice. A common theme throughout her work is documenting the ‘evidence of presence’ and human traces. With an interest in both fluid movement and organic shape, she explores the space where liquid becomes solid and hard meets soft. A fleeting gesture and moment of movement is permanently preserved and transformed into a distinctive piece of wearable art, making every piece totally unique. In a digital world, Becca’s pieces evoke a sense of being, her jewellery tells a story of human presence.

We caught up with this amazing designer to talk about her work, inspirations and what you can expect to see from the brand at IJL 2019.

What made you want to apply to be a KickStarter at IJL 2019?

Silver Paint Pot Piece

After exhibiting at my first trade show, British Craft Trade Fair, I was very honoured to receive such a positive reaction to my collection. I also had the privilege of meeting Lindsey Straughton of the NAJ and was introduced to the KickStarter programme. As an ambitious emerging maker and following the success of BCTF, applying to be a KickStarter seemed a very exciting opportunity that I had to go for!

What are you most looking forward to during your KickStart experience?

I’m really looking forward to introducing my collection to a wider jewellery audience, receiving their valuable feedback and forming new connections.

Tell us about where you get your inspiration from?

Paint Pot Earrings

My practice is highly material led and influenced by my background in textile design, ceramics and sculpture. The concept of capturing the ‘evidence of presence’ has had me hooked for some time now. I want to grasp the untouchable. I love the idea of capturing a fleeting moment and preserving the beauty in that movement.

Tell us a little about the work you will be bringing to IJL 2019?

Paint Pot Collar

I’ll be showing both my Brushstrokes and Gestures collections.  My Brushstrokes collection captures the evidence of a painter’s presence and the traces they leave behind. As well as hand-painted silver Brushstrokes there are my Paint Pot pieces, which take on an ephemeral form of the residue from a painter’s pot.  A couple of brand new Paint Pot designs will be making their debut at IJL!

When did you first discover your love of jewellery?

Brushstroke Necklace

During a visit to Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery in Salts Mill as a youngster. I remember being so inspired by the creativity and huge variety of work on display. I left Salts Mill with books about jewellery design that day! I’ve always been drawn to fluid movement and organic forms and initially my design career was heading down a sculptural path. I learnt how to finish metal and work with a variety of materials, but mostly on an architectural scale. After an introduction to jewellery making with Roderick Vere my true passion was reignited and now I create my own tiny sculptures for the body.

Who would you love to see wearing your jewellery?

Paint Pot Bangle

Artists Rachel Whiteread, Tracey Emin and Nicole Farhi at one of their exhibition openings.

If you had to summarise your brand in a couple of words, what would you use?

Expressive, Tactile and Innovative

Make sure to pay a visit to the cutting-edge talent on the KickStart and Bright Young Gem collective stand in the prestigious design gallery at IJL 2019.

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