Chocolates for the Lady?

Chocolates for the Lady?

For a good few years now two types of ring creations have dominated our offering – bridal and cocktail. Although I am delighted to design both, the beauty of the cocktail genre really does give me a chance to show off and express myself! It is as if I can take off the shackles and go large, go colourful, go intricate! This fact of delimiting means my creative juices can go a little crazy and it has produced standout, signature pieces such as the Satellite ring.

Alongside this ring is another truly innovative creation which turns heads and drops jaws. The genesis of this piece was most likely when in my early teens being introduced to Cubism at the art galleries in Paris. Beautiful simplicity and eye catching use of colour no doubt left an indelible mark on me although it took some ripening before it was expressed. Twenty years later came the first Chocolate Box – unashamedly confident, bristling with colour and like nothing else before her. The reactions were tantalisingly mixed; delight, intrigue, shock and dislike. But no one could deny its originality. The Chocolate Box Blue pictured is the latest member to this mouth-watering collection. Resplendent in Sapphire, Indigolite, Aquamarine and Diamonds, she is a testament to how different hues of a colour can be used to incredible and dramatic effect.

The Blue and other Chocolate Boxes will be exhibited at stand S106 in the Designer Brands section.

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