Watch out!

Watch out!

Did you know that the most common time for a watch to stop is at 10 after 2? …Neither did we!

UK watch sales are significantly on the increase which is why IJL are introducing the Watch Trail for 2015 to allow visitors to easily discover watch manufacturers and distributers from around the world.
Since 2014, UK watch sales have increased from 9.31% vs 2013, and the UK watch sector is expected to rise in value from £1.5bn in 2014, to £1.7bn by 2018 (a 14.1% increase!). Timex recently highlighted this when announcing a sales increase in triple digits since November 2014, and British watch-maker Bremont recently saw a 43% leap in annual sales.
As watches are clearly on trend, we thought you may like to hear some interesting facts about them!

• Every watch you see in an ad or commercial is pointed at 10 and 2 to mimic a smiley face and evoke a sense of positivity.
• Gentlemen who carried pocket watches were quoted as saying, “I’d rather wear a skirt than a wristwatch!”
• Even though Rolex is Swiss, it started in London.
• One of the most expensive watches sold is the Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie “$1 Million” (see pic below). Earning its $1 million price tag with the 1,185 baguette diamonds covering every surface of the watch.

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