Social Media and a Mega Star

Social Media and a Mega Star

When I signed a long term agreement with Jennifer Lopez, the intention was pretty clear – and obvious. As a new, ambitious jewellery company with the goal to become a major player in the business, Endless Jewelry needed to speed up the brand recognition process with jewelers and end consumers. We wanted to associate ourselves with someone who embraced our values, someone who reflected our ambitions, and a person who would like to be an active part of our brand. By teaming up with Jennifer Lopez, we got all that – and so much more.

Through a close cooperation between our communications team and the J Lo management, we have been able to create a social media buzz, we would not have been able to do on our own, and the exposure of the Endless Jewelry brand has exploded over the past months.

It really kicked off when Jennifer Lopez shared her Endless bracelet designs with 35-40 million US TV viewers by wearing it on the popular Idol Show – twice. The strategic follow up, coordinated between team J Lo and the Endless team included a range of activities and updates across the different social media platforms, where Team J Lo on several occasions shared exclusive pictures with their 90 million fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Through strategic cross tagging, mentions on each other’s social media pages, competitions to win the exact bracelets she wore as well as exclusive pictures of Jennifer Lopez and the bracelets, that could only be seen on Endless media, we managed to quadruple the number of followers on key social media. By working together with a mega star like Jennifer Lopez and having her as a co-designer of her own jewelry line, we also got the pleasure and benefits of working with a top professional and extremely dedicated organization, willing and able to support her designs and our brand Endless Brand in so many other ways than just showing her face on our posters.

We have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways we will support our brand with Jennifer Lopez and her organization. So far we have initiated a strategic, yet simple, activation of the cooperation on social media, and the number of interactions and exposures confirm that we did right, when taking the chance as a young brand, to sign up with a top name. Besides designing a beautiful collection of bracelets and charms, heading our marketing campaign with some amazing pictures and videos and being a true pleasure to work with, Jennifer Lopez is the perfect storm, when it comes to securing exposure. And we have only just begun. -Jesper Nielsen

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