The Simple but Effective 15 Minute Plan for B2B Retail Brands Using LinkedIn

The Simple but Effective 15 Minute Plan for B2B Retail Brands Using LinkedIn

Did you know that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content? LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% which is 277% higher than Twitter.

When it comes to marketing on LinkedIn as a retail business in the jewellery industry, what are you doing inside of LinkedIn to connect with your customers, and to generate new leads?

I have built a LinkedIn community of over 13,000 connections, 14,500 content followers with daily engagement. I can attribute a 6-figure income to LinkedIn alone, and because of this, I want to share with you my simple, but effective 15-minute LinkedIn Marketing plan.

Whilst I spend 15 minutes on my LinkedIn Plan, you don’t have to. Some of the activities I detail below might already be a part of your strategy. If you are new to LinkedIn as a jewellery business and want to get the most out of LinkedIn, here is my 15-minute plan.

Part One

The first part of my 15-minute LinkedIn plan is to cover some of the more basic activities that we all forget to do on a daily basis.

Check Your Connection Requests = 1 minute

It really does just take 60 seconds to go through your connection requests, and accept or reject the requests. My suggestion would be to only accept people you know, have done business with or can see a potential business future with. I will turn down connection requests from people who are looking to “sell” their products/services to me, because I know this is something I am not interested in. Think about your network as a jewellery business and be selective with who you connect with.

Thank Your New Connections = 3 minutes

If you do find yourself accepting connection requests, take three minutes out of your day to personally reach out, and say thank you for connecting. This would be a good time to share content around your business, so that they can get to know who you are.

Send Requests = 1 minute

As great as it is to receive connection requests, you may find that not every single person you want to connect with makes the first move which means that you have to. Take 60 seconds out of your day, and have a look at the “people you may know” to see if there is anyone you want to connect with.

Part Two

Look At Your Profile Views = 3 minutes

Do you know who has been looking at your LinkedIn profile? They may not have sent a connection request, but that doesn’t mean that they are not interested. Think about the future of your jewellery business, and whether the person who has looked at your profile could be either a client, retailer or wholesaler you could work with in the future.

Share Your Own Content = 2 minutes

LinkedIn Pulse is one of LinkedIn’s most powerful features, and one you should be using to share you content. Whilst it will take you longer than two minutes to create content, make sure that you do amplify your blog content, and share it on LinkedIn pulse.

Part 3 

Submit Content To LinkedIn Today

Get in contact with the business development team at LinkedIn to see if they will feature your content. This is a great way to build brand awareness, and increase your reach inside of LinkedIn whilst also encouraging engagement.

Commenting On Posts = 1 minute

Spend just 60 seconds a day going through your LinkedIn news feed and look at what your audience are posting, and comment on them. The true route to success on LinkedIn is getting engaged and spending that one minute a day having a two-way conversation will be a great way to increase your network.

Schedule A Call Or Meeting With A Connection = 1 minute

After building your network, take a look at who you can connect with on a more personal level, and book in a call or a meeting. Find a mutually beneficial time to have this phone call or meeting, and see where it leads. You never know; it could be the best spent 60 seconds of your year.

I hope that my 15-minute LinkedIn plan will help you generate success as a Jewellery business, but what if I told you, you could generate a 6-figure income through LinkedIn in just 21 days?

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  • LinkedIn users are FOUR TIMES more likely to visit your website than Facebook users
  • LinkedIn generates the HIGHEST visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which was 277% higher than Twitter
  • 40% of users use LinkedIn DAILY
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content

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Warren Knight is a Social Media Strategist, author of Think #Digital First and one of the UK’s leading professional speakers in Technology, Sales and Marketing. As an multi-award winning coach, author, blogger and entrepreneur, Warren has helped thousands of companies grow their business through the strategic use of socially selling to their target audience. By nurturing leads, generating leads and increasing sales using simple and easy to follow strategies. Visit Warren's website here

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