Benefit from a Tailored IJL Experience by Registering Earlier!

Benefit from a Tailored IJL Experience by Registering Earlier!

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A common piece of feedback we hear from our visitors is that it’s more important than ever to demonstrate the return of their time and attendance at shows like ours, on their business activities and of course professional development. Understandably attendance at IJL has to have a tangible business benefit.

So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see a possible correlation between this and an increase of visitors who are securing their place earlier in the registration window. Why? Well when you think about it there are clear benefits to registering early.

Firstly, registering early gives you more time to consciously, or subconsciously plan your visit. As your priorities and challenges flex throughout the year, your attendance becomes the focal point in meeting and overcoming them.

This allows you to be proactive in defining what a successful visit looks like, and increasingly we’re seeing visitors identifying in advance the designers, speakers and products they need to see to achieve this.

Secondly, by telling us in advance you’ll be attending we can support this process, providing you with the relevant information and advice that will enable you to unlock the full potential of your visit. We do this by using the information you provide during registration, so by providing these details earlier you will receive a full and tailored experience that meets your needs.

And if you think about the alternative, waiting closer to the show has no real benefit as even if in the end you are unable to attend, by registering you’ll have had access to relevant and useful information at no cost.

Think of it this way… if you leave a piece of work to the last minute, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to give it the planning it deserves or have time to find the support you need.

Whether you register now or later we’ll be very happy to welcome you to IJL and support you in achieving your business objectives. But if demonstrating the importance of attendance is important to you, ask yourself this, why wouldn’t I give myself every chance to make the most of the opportunities waiting for me at IJL?

We can’t think of a reason either.

We’re #withyou helping to grow your business with a guaranteed trade-only audience, international buyers and an inspiring seminar programme. 

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  1. Doe Quinlan says:

    I have not Been to I J L for a couple years as I moved away from London. I would love to register for this year , I have always loved your shows and would be really happy to be in the mix again .

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