Pioneering Jewellery entrepreneurship for fashion students

Pioneering Jewellery entrepreneurship for fashion students

United by a shared desire to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship in a new generation of jewellery talent, full-service provider Fab Atelier and market intelligence agency Adorn Insight are delighted to announce the UK launch of their Jewellery Mentoring Program – a collaborative initiative to launch designers who are yet to establish their brand in the marketplace.

The innovative concept sees designers throughout Europe invited to submit their jewellery designs to the Fab Atelier website. Five successful designers will win a year’s one-to-one mentoring from Adorn Insight during which time each individual’s commercial objectives – from collection design to marketing and branding – will be pinpointed and worked towards.

From Fab Atelier, the designers will receive support in financing, production management, PR and sales. Furthermore, Fab Atelier will double the funds raised through crowdfunding and produce a collection of 4-12 saleable pieces. There is no financial outlay required by the five designers whose collections will be produced during October ready for sale in December. They will receive a percentage of the sales (up to 20%) and still own all copyrights.

In addition, a further 20 designers will be invited to a 3-day workshop at Werkstätte Wattens in Austria to explore new techniques and materials.

Entries are welcome from students at design schools across Europe and an initial piece (or pieces) – valued at £35-£350 – should be submitted by Monday 11 July 2016.

Shortlisted designers will be announced on 18 July and will be invited to design a collection of 4-12 pieces by 29 August. The five winning designers will be announced on 8 September and will begin the mentoring program on 30 September in Wattens.

For full details of how to enter, see Fab Atelier’s website:


Fab Atelier’s raison d’être is enabling designers.  Fab Atelier believes that offering Designers the ability to build their brand at zero cost and zero risk will usher in a new normal in jewellery for consumers and designers.

Adorn Insight, industry specialists in how to produce commercially viable jewellery at the right place and the right time, are partnering with Fab Atelier to provide the mentorship to the five winning designers.

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