Inspire Insights: How UNOde50 is tackling the UK market

Inspire Insights: How UNOde50 is tackling the UK market

Spanish brand UNOde50 may have only been in the UK market for a short while, but its presence has been well and truly felt thanks to innovative visual merchandising techniques, unusual point of sale displays and accessible product lines.

Here, USA and UK wholesale director, David Azulay, explains what makes the brand unique, why its visual identity is so crucial, and what he is looking forward to about International Jewellery London later this year…

Q: How long has UNOde50 been in the UK market and how do you think the brand is progressing here?

DA: UNOde50 has been in the UK since 2015. The brand has a great potential and we are happy because we have a very positive start. The situation of the retail industry in the UK is not good or as good as it is used to be, but, for UNOde50, the United Kingdom is a key market and we have plans for expansion in both retail and wholesale.

Q: You opened a store on Regent Street last year, how has this been for brand awareness in the UK market?

DA: The store is doing well as it is in a perfect location for us. The footfall is good, and people from all over the world visit the street every day, as well as a lot of locals who visit our store regularly. It offers great exposure for the brand, but we haven’t stopped there. We are looking for new stores on the King’s Road and in Covent Garden to increase our presence.

Q: The visual identity and visual merchandising techniques of UNOde50 are really unusual, how did you develop this and why do you think it is so successful?

DA: All the UNOde50 stores offer a unique experience around the jewellery – a space with an original and personalized personality, that combines a cosmopolitan, bright and urban atmosphere with original fixtures selected from antique stores all around the world and artworks created by the creative team of the brand.

We also contrast the look of oak and walnut tree woods with metal and leather details to wrap the customers in the UNOde50 universe. Our visual merchandising strategy is focused to emphasise each piece of jewellery, as well as offering customers the possibility to mix and match different pieces.

Q: Your point of sale is also unusual, how has this worked in the UK and what are retailers’ reactions to it?

DA: Our brand more than unusual, it is exclusive and unique. People who like our brand or buy their first piece get addicted and become collectors. We consider ourselves affordable luxury. Every single piece is handmade in Spain, and we prefer quality over margins, which is something we are very proud of it. When you buy UNOde50 you are buying a combination of design and quality; a piece with character that you don’t find elsewhere.


Q: Which pieces or designs are the most popular?

DA: The common trait across all creations is the use of a metal alloy that brings the Brand’s exclusive designs to life, giving them that special hand-crafted texture. Unode50 pieces mix silver with other materials such as leather, Swarovski crystal, handmade crystal and pearls, but our clients most associate the brand with key pieces in silver and leather, which are our bestsellers all over the world.

Q: Are there any product areas that you are developing at the moment, or any new collections that are proving popular?

DA: The brand’s latest novelty is a line in gold, which offers further proof of the tireless innovative spirit that characterises UNOde50’s design team. We also believe in our Man collection, as one of the strengths of UNOde50 is that its products can be consider unisex. We do believe in the increasing desire among men to wear accessories, and we will develop this line with new designs for 2017.

Q: What are your impressions of International Jewellery London and has the show been helpful to your growth ambitions?

DA: This is going to be our second year doing IJL. It is the most important jewellery show in the UK and we have to be present at the top jewellery show in the UK! We hope to have a good show, as we have a great booth in a premium location. We want to surprise our existing customers and attract good new customers.

Q: What are your aims for 2016, are there any retailers or types of retailers you are targeting?

DA: The strategy is clear. UNOde50 is very new but the team has been together now for a year. We have to open the best retailers in every neighbourhood. However, our product fits different kind of boutiques, so our main goal is to partner with major groups, department stores and independent jewellers with a modern look. High apparel and gift boutiques are also our target.


Discover more about UNOde50 at IJL 2016 from 4th-6th September at Stand E50.

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