Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls Releases Next Instalment Online

Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls Releases Next Instalment Online

One of the UK’s leading pearl jewellery suppliers, Raw Pearls, have published the latest instalment of Pearl Academy, their free online training course for retailers and their sales teams.

Part of Raw Pearls mission is to react to the industry’s changing needs. They are certainly doing this by embracing the biggest business trend this year: video. Through this channel they are providing much needed accessible pearl training to retail sales teams, giving them the vocabulary needed to sell pearls.

Miranda Raw, Director at Raw Pearls and the face of the campaign shares her passion for pearls and depth of knowledge in a clear and simple manner and delivers the key information in manageable bitesize chunks.

Cover of Part 2 Notes

In Part 2 Miranda explores the journey a pearl goes through before arriving as beautiful jewellery in your shop window. It highlights just how much work is involved, from breeding molluscs in hatcheries to the comprehensive sorting after the pearls are removed from the shells.

Raw Pearls are going the extra mile for their customer; using their knowledge and expertise to make their customers’ pearl businesses work for them.

Access Pearl Academy on Raw Pearls’ website

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