KickStart Alumni: Interview with 2017 Winner, Emily Kidson

KickStart Alumni: Interview with 2017 Winner, Emily Kidson

Emily is known for her use of wood and laminate with precious metals. Sensitive use of colour is central to her work and is the backdrop to a minimal, modern aesthetic with areas of intricate detail.

Old industrial cities and canal sides are particular influences, from tapered chimneys and pottery kilns to barges and water towers.

Emily has come back to making after a career as an art librarian. Her use of laminate started when she discovered it as samples in the Materials Collection at Central Saint Martins library in 2013

In honour of KickStart’s 10 year anniversary, we caught up with Emily to find out about her experience of being a KickStarter and her journey after.

Q. What have the last 12 months been like for Emily Kidson Jewellery and what have been your most successful pieces/collections?

It has been good! I’ve had a few jewellery adventures trying shows outside of London, whilst taking time to add a few new designs to my current collection which have been really well received.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, whether a quickly-captured image or the careful contemplation of a painting. Nature, art and architecture are particular influences.

Q. What was your overall impression of KickStart and how did it help your business in its early stages?

Kickstart was a great opportunity and a safe, supportive environment to show for the first time at a major trade show. It helped raise my profile and showcase my work to any industry audience I hadn’t reached before.

Q. How can future KickStarters capitalise on their IJL Journey and the IJL experience? What would be your advice?

Follow up on contacts made, keep press and other interested parties up-to-date with your business developments and any new collections.

Q. What was one of your biggest challenging in launching your jewellery brand and how did you overcome it?

Rather than a big challenge there have been lots of small ones along the way, from getting my branding consistent to costing and pricing. I’ve overcome them through trial and error,  research and advice from other jewellery professionals.

Q. Finally, what is the proudest moment in your jewellery career?

Being selected to exhibit at Loot in New York

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