The Best Kept Secrets of LinkedIn for Business Owners

The Best Kept Secrets of LinkedIn for Business Owners

By Warren Knight

With over 35% of users accessing LinkedIn every day and 25 million profiles viewed on a daily basis, LinkedIn is the most effective B2B marketing tool.

Social media, whilst being widely used, is still not utilised to its fullest potential, especially LinkedIn.

If attracting more leads, connections and sales on LinkedIn is important to your jewellery business, here are some of the best kept secrets.

Build a list of targeted leads

For time management purposes, you need to be able to efficiently build a list of your LinkedIn contacts with all their relevant information. A great affordable tool you can use to do this is LeadFuze. LeadFuze helps you build a list of targeted leads from a LinkedIn search. It will automatically locate the emails, numbers and social media profiles of your leads.

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Understand your customers

How you communicate with someone will make or break a relationship so it’s important that you engage with your community in the way THEY want you to. There is a great Chrome extension called Crystal that allows you to profile LinkedIn users and detect their personality types so that you are communicating with them in the best possible way.

Warren Knight hosting a packed social media seminar at IJL 2016.
Warren Knight hosting a packed social media seminar at IJL 2016.

Try LinkedIn Connection Revealer

Having a large network on LinkedIn means you can reach a larger audience with the content you share. I have over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn and this has allowed me generate a 5-figure sum, just from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Connection Revealer does exactly what it says; reveals connections. When a user has more than 500 connections, it will just say 500+. You can now bypass this with a plugin called LinkedIn Connection Revealer so you can see exactly how many connections someone has. This will only work with your 1st level connections, and is specifically for Google Chrome users.

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Ask for LinkedIn introductions

If you are well connected in the Jewellery industry, you can ask for an introduction from someone you know. This may not be easy, but with the use of a platform like QuotaDeck, it just got a whole lot easier.

QuotaDeck is a crowdsourced introduction platform where you can request an introduction to any of your leads, by someone else who is using the platform that already has a relationship with that person.

Downloading your leads from LinkedIn

There are many tools you can use to download your LinkedIn contacts (you can even use LinkedIn to do this) but can download lists directly from LinkedIn, to Excel and helps you monitor newsfeeds using a specific keyword.

I hope my best kept LinkedIn secrets will help you grow your jewellery business on the B2B social network. Find out more in the video below:

Find out more about Warren by visiting his website. For more social media support, top tips or marketing advice, speak to the team at International Jewellery London.

Warren Knight is a Social Media Strategist, author of Think #Digital First and one of the UK’s leading professional speakers in Technology, Sales and Marketing. As an multi-award winning coach, author, blogger and entrepreneur, Warren has helped thousands of companies grow their business through the strategic use of socially selling to their target audience. By nurturing leads, generating leads and increasing sales using simple and easy to follow strategies. Visit Warren's website here


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