Key Chapter Released of Raw Pearls’ Pearl Academy

Key Chapter Released of Raw Pearls’ Pearl Academy

Raw Pearls, one of the UK’s leading pearl jewellery suppliers, have just released the third installment of their online training programme, Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls.

Part 3 is called ‘Types of Cultured Pearl’ and looks at the different types of saltwater pearls, and freshwater pearls. In this chapter you’ll discover where these pearls would likely come from, what sizes you’d typically expect to find them in, and what natural colours you’d expect to see them in.

With the pearl trend set to surge this summer, shop floor sales staff need to know the basics about pearls, in order to sell them. Miranda Raw of Raw Pearls says “We need to tell this organic gem’s story and make people aware of how versatile they can be. These films give bitesize chunks of information and are available with accompanying notes, so it’s a great way of immersing yourselves in this summer’s biggest trend.”

Access Pearl Academy on Raw Pearls’ website

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