Inspire Insights: How Bronzallure is reaching new heights in Europe

Inspire Insights: How Bronzallure is reaching new heights in Europe

Bronzallure may have only been on the scene for two years, but it has swiftly developed a reputation for quality, fashion-forward designs and affordable prices.

Here, UK brand development manager, Jennie Higgins, explains more about the brand’s Italian origins, its best-selling ranges and its progress in the tricky-to-crack UK and Irish markets.

Q: Bronzallure is relatively new in the UK market, can you tell us a little bit more about its origins?

JH: Absolutely, Bronzallure has been in the UK for two years now and is experiencing a fantastic reception across the country. Bronzallure was launched in Italy in 2011, so it is still a relatively young brand. We have experienced phenomenal growth across Europe, and we now have over 3,000 retail partners in Europe.

Q: What can you tell us about the Italian manufacturer that creates Bronzallure jewellery, what is its heritage?

JH: Milor SpA is the family company behind Bronzallure and has been manufacturing jewellery for over 35 years in Italy. Milor is an international leader in the jewellery market and has decades of experience manufacturing for global brands, particularly in fine gold jewellery. However, this is the first time Milor has manufactured under its own brand name.

What sets Bronzallure apart from other fashion jewellery brands is that every piece is imagined, designed, created and shipped directly from Italy – something which is really quite unusual for such a competitively priced collection.

Milor is known for its’ expertise combined with creativity and innovation which is clearly evident in this collection. With an innovative one true rose gold colour Bronzallure jewellery sets a new standard in fashion jewellery. This combined with semi precious gemstones offers the customer a fresh and exciting alternative at affordable prices.

Bronzallure rings

Q: What are the brand’s best selling pieces and how often are new collections introduced?

JH: We release two collections each year; Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, so there is always something new to attract the end consumers’ interest. Overall, our wrist wear collections continue to be very strong. Bronzallure is ideal for both gifting and self purchases. With our expansive range of natural stone colours, we are perfectly poised to reflect fashion colour trends.

Seasonally the more fashion inspired pieces tend to be very strong sellers and our classic designs are consistently popular – for example, our tennis bracelets which retail at £49 and our stacking rings in the region of £89 are the kind of bread-and-butter pieces which really keep traffic flowing.

Retail partners and end consumers are constantly surprised at the affordability of the collection, especially once they learn about the provenance and heritage of the brand.

Q: What sort of customers does Bronzallure attract?

JH: The beauty of Bronzallure is that it holds a wide and varied market appeal. Our pieces range from classically elegant and traditional designs such as the rolo and curb chain link styles through to contemporary and fashion inspired ranges – all of which are positioned at highly competitive price points, ranging from £49-£250.

The high quality of the manufacture ensures longevity so whether a shopper is looking for a seasonal fashion or a timeless piece, there is something to attract everyone.

Q: How many retail partners does the brand have in the UK right now, and what are your aims for growing this over the next few months?

JH: We currently have over 160 stores throughout the UK and Ireland and we are looking for additional partners to come on board – a large proportion of our growth is focused on supporting and nurturing the existing relationships through a series of support programs to ensure the in-store teams have all the tools they require to really grow the brand. What’s noticeable with these retailers is the year-on-year sales increases as the repeat customer sales kick in.

Q: What are your experiences of exhibiting at International Jewellery London, and how does the show benefit you?

JH: We have been exhibiting at IJL for three years now and this year we are delighted to be exhibiting on The Boulevard, which reflects the brand’s position in our other international exhibitions.

IJL is a fantastic platform for us to showcase the brand in an environment where the key players from across the country and abroad come to view the very best jewellery brands. It’s the ideal opportunity to present new and existing collections on a much grander scale than is possible out on the road, helping to improve awareness of our brand and build on the relationships with our current and prospective partners.

See Bronzallure at International Jewellery London 2016 from September 4-6th on Stand D41. 

Jennie Higgins

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