5 minutes with: Katrien Coenders, head of design, Nikki Lissoni

5 minutes with: Katrien Coenders, head of design, Nikki Lissoni

Nikki Lissoni has mastered the interchangeable jewellery concept, developing a legion of loyal fans thanks to its fashion-forward coin designs and emotion-led shopping experience.

We spoke to Katrien Coenders, head of design at Nikki Lissoni, to find out what makes the brand so successful…

Q: How would you describe the signature style of Nikki Lissoni?

KC: I create every piece with feminine beauty in mind. I also believe it is important that our jewellery should make you feel good about yourself when you wear it. My designs are unique allowing the wearer to personalise their look and express their own individuality. All our jewellery is fashionable, high quality and sophisticated.

Q: Who is the typical Nikki Lissoni customer, what sort of woman is she?

KC: She is independent and sophisticated with a sense of fashion and style. The Nikki Lissoni customer is not afraid to express herself or celebrate her femininity.

Q: The Nikki Lissoni ‘Show Your Emotions’ and emotion-led designs are really clever at tapping into the personalisation trend – do you find your customers are looking for jewellery that expresses their personalities?

KC: We believe every customer has a desire to promote their unique style and individualism. The meaningful messages and matching emotion cards have the power to make any woman feel beautiful and positive about herself.

Q: Can you highlight some of the brand’s best-selling pieces and explain what makes them popular among your customer base?

KC: The AW15 interchangeable coin bangle (pictured above right) which has an elegant and sophisticated look. The rose gold and pearl coin (pictured top left) is always popular, not only because of its on trend colour but also because of the timeless look of the pearl.

Another bestselling piece is the golden bangle with a dream catcher charm, which gives it a bohemian look.

B1114G19 kopie
The Dreamcatcher charm bangle

The mirrored glass earrings with Swarovski crystals are popular across all age groups, while the star motifs – presented in charms and coins – appeal to every imagination(pictured top centre).

AW15 product visual_0183 kopie
Mirrored glass earrings with Swarovski crystals.

Q: Are there any trends that you have noticed among Nikki Lissoni’s UK and Irish customer base?

KC: British and Irish women are definitely in love with rose gold jewellery, also the expandable bangle with charms is conquering throughout our markets at the moment.

Q: Will you be launching new collections for International Jewellery London in September and what should we look forward to?

KC: Yes, besides the beautiful winter collection 2016/2017 we will also launch a new kind of interchangeable jewellery.

See Nikki Lissoni at International Jewellery London 2016 at Olympia Grand from 4-6 September on Stand G20. 

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  1. Such a great interview, thank you for sharing! We are very big fans of Nikki Lissoni for a long time now and we always so impressed by the unique style and elegance of these pieces of art. Uniqueness and individualism are something that the jewellery market lacks a lot of in these days and it is praiseworthy that someone puts so much character and passion in what they do.

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