5 Ways to Make Your Customer Emails More Successful

5 Ways to Make Your Customer Emails More Successful

Most jewellery brands, whether in their infancy or well-established, will want to communicate with their customers via email.

Sending news, offers and insights directly to the inboxes of your customers can lead to fantastic conversions… or can lead to nothing. The problem of low open rates is one that many jewellery businesses face, but there are ways to tackle the issue and create newsletters than land.

Take a look at the following top tips to give your email marketing a shake-up:

Be entertaining but avoid spam

Create an engaging subject line that grabs attention without using click-bait titles, cliches or spam-like messaging. Anything that says ‘You will never believe this!’ is guaranteed to make customers roll their eyes.

Also, it is worth avoiding overly sales-focused copy like ‘free’, ‘sale’ and ‘buy now’. You could risk these being filtered by your customer’s email spam filter.

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Have an authentic conversation

Gear your email marketing towards your buyer personas… in other words speak to the people you know are buying your products. Adopt a conversational tone, but don’t be too familiar or colloquial. Just imagine you are sat across from a new acquaintance or friend-of-a-friend in a coffee shop.

Focus on quality

When sending emails it is important to prioritise quality. Your target customers could be receiving 10 or more spam emails per day, so your marketing needs to stand out for all the right reasons.

Did you know that including a video in your email can increase click-through rates by 200-300%? According to Forbes, 64% of customers are also more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video about it – so get filming!

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Are you seeing spikes in unsubscribe numbers, but your open rates are steady? This is probably a good thing as it shows the people who aren’t enjoying your emails are saying goodbye, and those who do are still actively reading.

Just because you have thousands of subscribers doesn’t mean they are interested customers… it’s all about quality over quantity.

Get in quick with new subscribers

Subscribers are most engaged when they first hit the ‘sign-up’ button. The email they receive in this moment is probably your most important piece of e-marketing.

Equally, if they are trying to unsubscribe, making them jump through hoops is only going to leave a sour taste. Think ahead and your customers will thank you for it.

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Consider your timings 

Sending that latest email at 3am? Are your customers awake? Sending your email at the right time of day and week is important to maximise open rates. Many professional platforms can automatically help you choose the right second to click send.

If you need a general rule of thumb, think the morning commute, evening journey home or lazy weekend morning.

By Sarah Jordan, founder and director, The William Agency

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