The 10 Most Popular Jewellery Designs that Continue to Sell

The 10 Most Popular Jewellery Designs that Continue to Sell

From magazine articles to the shop floor, there are certain jewellery pieces that are perennially in fashion.

These classic designs are snapped up on special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries, but are also increasingly purchased by women looking for timeless additions to their own jewellery boxes.

Instead of tackling the latest fashions and adapting to the most up-to-the-minute trends, they offer a through-line from generation-to-generation and tap into the more contemporary interest in ‘jewellery-for-investment’ that prioritises quality over quantity.

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Here, we outline the top 10 most popular jewellery designs that continue to dazzle customers, perform strongly for retailers and capture the attention of the press. What’s not to love?!

Top 10 Most Popular Jewellery Designs

1. The Simple Station Chain Necklace

Elegant, refined and open to interpretation, a long station chain necklace is easily adaptable for both everyday wear and evening functions. Junctions can be adorned with diamonds and gemstones or simply left as delicate beads of sterling silver.

The popularity of station chain necklaces can also be linked to the British weather, with these types of designs making more of a statement over jumpers and chunky knits.

2. The Tennis Bracelet

The iconic diamond line bracelet is constantly being reinvented, but its appeal undoubtedly lies in its wearable simplicity. Traditional versions tend to be fine jewellery pieces, but more accessible versions – sometimes designed to be stretchy or set with invisible elastic – are sold by a number of fashion-led brands.

3. The Essential Pearl Studs

Some of the most breathtaking designs to emerge in recent years feature pearls, but it is classic pearl strands, single pearl drop pendants and minimal studs that continue to sell year-in and year-out. Look to IJL 2018 exhibitors Fei Liu, Claudia Bradby, ORA Pearls and Lido Pearls to see some fantastic examples alongside more daring pieces.

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4. Collectable Stacking Rings

Whether set with diamonds or silver-plated, the vast array of stacking rings available in the market today show that one is never enough! Fine jewellery highlights from the likes of De Beers, Nadine Aysoy and Forevermark are balanced by fashion jewellery giants like Pandora, Trollbeads, Links of London and Swarovski.

In all cases, customers don’t just want to adorn themselves, but reflect their personality too. For colourful examples, look to IJL 2018 exhibitor, Auren.

5. Buildable Charm Bracelet

Pandora is perhaps best known for its charm bracelet – a simple concept that has been transformed into a global phenomenon. Customers searching for an affordable way to mark birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and life events found it in charm bracelets, and we don’t expect the obsession to end any time soon.

IJL 2018 exhibitor Clogau has a fantastic array of bead charms (see below), while Hockley Mint offers a growing selection of sterling silver charms for bracelets and necklaces.

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6. The Iconic Diamond Solitaire

The classic minimalism of a set of diamond solitaire studs, or a round brilliant diamond pendant, continue to work their magic on customers. For many women, this marks the start of their diamond jewellery collection, whether purchased for a wedding day or gifted on a special anniversary. Look to Domino, Charles Green, EW Adams and many other IJL 2018 exhibitors for elegant iterations.

7. Clean-Cut Bangles and Torques

The iconic Cartier Love bracelet – a simple loop of yellow gold with screw-like detailing – is the ideal example of this evergreen jewellery obsession. Bangles and torques are easily stackable, largely unisex and affordable in sterling silver varieties, making them an ideal choice for gifts and everyday wear.

Plus, they also present an opportunity for engraving and personalised messages – giving retailers another up-selling option. IJL 2018 exhibitor, Calvin Klein has some striking examples to tempt your customers.

8. The Chunky Chain Bracelet

The recognisable Tiffany & Co. chain link bracelet, set with a sterling silver heart tag, is perhaps one of the brand’s most iconic designs. Suitable for both men and women, the chunky chain-link bracelet is a true staple that can look both elegant and ostentatious.

T-bar fixtures that rose to fame in the 1990s are creeping back into fashion, so look out for heavy necklace and bracelet designs layered to create visual impact on the catwalk and the high street. To speak to the chain experts, look no further than IJL 2018 exhibitor, Curteis.

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9. Golden Hoops

Hoops, huggies, sleepers… the list goes on! Classic hoop earrings, whether in solid yellow gold, yellow gold-plated silver or white metals, are continually being adapted but are never permanently out of style. Channel-set diamond versions are coveted, but it is often the simplest options that create the most striking impact.

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10. Initials, Names and Signets

Forget family crests! Today’s signet rings feature initials, zodiac signs, anchors, flowers, coloured gems and enamel… whatever brings out the wearer’s personality. Ever since Sex and the City made the ‘name necklace’ a must have, customers have been drawn to letters, words and initials created from sterling silver. Today, the obsession continues with more unusual expressions of individuality, such as chakras, birthstones and healing crystals.

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  1. abinash says:

    Yes indeed its a very informative article and we also feel that these designs have been there from a very long time .and yes they do make a great option for wearing as they fit well in today’s lifestyle. Working women are always looking for lightweight yet stylish jewelry and also we feel that well priced jewelry is also in demand .Pearls definitely make a great buy for all age groups.

  2. These classic designs jewellery are perfect for any special occasion or party. This classic necklace is easily adoptable for everyday wear or any evening function. Among all, I liked essential pearl studs with silver chain the most. I would definitely love to buy one for me.

  3. Gem says:

    Golden hoops were my wedding day look! I can see why they’re so popular. My favourite piece of jewellery has to be my vintage engagement ring though- it’s a simple solitaire and I’m not surprised that everyone else loves this style too. You can’t go wrong with class!

  4. lux prisha says:

    You habe beautiful latest desings of jewellery, i really liked classic pearl stud. Very informative and helpful blog for anyone who wants to style their outfit with amazing jewllery.

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