Raw Pearls Release Part 4 of Pearl Academy: Value Factors

Raw Pearls Release Part 4 of Pearl Academy: Value Factors

Raw Pearls, one of 2019’s most celebrated pearl jewellery suppliers, have just released the fourth installment of their online training programme, Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls.

Part 4 is called ‘Value Factors’ and looks at the 7 main qualities that give pearls their value. These are: size, shape, colour, lustre, nacre thickness, surface quality and matching. Miranda Raw, Director at Raw Pearls, is the face of the series and explains exactly what to look for when assessing a pearl’s value.

The Christmas season is nearly upon us, and Raw Pearls want to help you with your pearl gift sales. Pearl Academy is free and available to all, and can be watched in bite sized chunks online. The accompanying notes are also perfect to keep on the shop floor for quick and easy reminders. Miranda said “This is one of the key chapters in the Pearl Academy series, sales staff need to be able to explain why one necklace, for example, is more expensive than another. We’ve broken it down to 7 key headings, so it’s really easy to understand and to remember, giving a real sense of transparency to the dialog between staff and customer.”

Access Pearl Academy on Raw Pearls’ website https://www.rawpearls.com/services/pearl-training/

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