Precious Metal 3D Printing System to Impress at IJL 2018

Precious Metal 3D Printing System to Impress at IJL 2018

Those fascinated by advancements in technology will be pleased to discover the Cooksongold and EOS GmbH (Electro Optical Systems) PRECIOUS M 080 system on the show floor at IJL 2018.

This incredible piece of equipment is the first ‘Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing’ device, designed exclusively for the jewellery, watch and precious metal industries.

The system expands on the technology created by EOS to provide jewellery makers with the power and freedom to create complex jewellery in a matter of hours.

The production of innovative jewellery directly from precious metal powders has recently burst onto the manufacturing scene. Known as 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, powdered precious metals are melted layer-by-layer using a laser to create complex designs.

This technology is being developed by Cooksongold (part of the Heimerle & Meule group) at its facility in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.

Cooksongold 3D has seen a 450% sales increase year-on-year as more and more companies and individuals are starting to design for and adapt to direct precious metal 3D printing.

The technology frees designers from the constraints of conventional manufacturing processes and enables the creation of complex and beautiful parts that are ready to finish in a matter of hours. Parts can be made light-weight, hollow and thus very cost-effective they can also be made with intricate articulation which are highly customisable.

David Fletcher, Additive Manufacturing Business Development Manager, said: “By bringing the system to IJL 2018, we’re hoping to provide an introduction to the technology, displaying how the jewellery industry can now adopt the process as part of their supply chain. We believe that the more people understand about the technology, the more they will be able to push the boundaries of jewellery making by completing previously unachievable designs.”

Fotoulla Michael, Head Of Sales, International Jewellery London (IJL), added: “The jewellery industry doesn’t stand still and, as with all other industries, uses technology to innovate. We are delighted to see the cutting edge of jewellery design and technology on display at IJL. Technology is a vital partner in the industry and pushes the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship — it is fascinating to see how designers and manufacturers use 3D printers to the advantage of consumers and jewellery collectors everywhere.”

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