NAJ launches new initiative to promote UK Jewellery

NAJ launches new initiative to promote UK Jewellery

The National Association of Jewellers has launched its long-awaited campaign to promote jewellery and allied products made in the UK. The scheme entitled “Created in the UK” champions British manufacturing, and is designed for both suppliers and retailers, whether NAJ members or not.

Launched at the International Jewellery London trade show, the scheme works in a similar way to Fairtrade Foundation’s mark for Fairtrade gold; NAJ will license jewellery manufacturers who pay an annual fee to be listed as part of the scheme, and these registrants undertake to meet criteria including only placing the mark on authorised products, provide proof of compliance, agree to be audited, and sign up to a code of standards.

NAJ Chief Executive Simon Forrester said of the scheme “Since I joined the industry it’s clear that manufacturers and retailers alike have been crying out for a campaign to get behind – Created in the UK provides this in spades. We have further initiatives planned, and a major PR campaign to consumer press once products are being struck with the mark.”

The scheme also supports retailers, who can access a range of point of sale materials to promote their UK-made products to customers. Lindsey Straughton, NAJ Industry Ambassador commented “With Brexit around the corner, this is a great opportunity to show you’re supporting local designer/makers and demonstrate provenance of goods – currently the third or fourth reason for purchase.”

Only those products made in the UK in accordance with the Trade Descriptions Act (1968) will qualify, in that the last major manufacturing process must be completed within the geographic area.

Lindsey Straughton, NAJ Industry Ambassador said “If in doubt about whether your products meet the criteria, please get in touch. We will be policing the scheme through on-site audits and whistleblowing and reserve the right to exclude any company which flouts the rules.”

The Created in the UK mark is a voluntary additional mark struck onto qualifying products via the UK Assay Offices from January 2020, to coincide with the new date mark. The mark will be a simplified version of the Created in the UK logo, and will sit alongside the hallmark. Initial sets of punches will be held to kickstart the scheme, and laser versions will also be available.

The scheme will launch at an introductory of £195 for NAJ Members, and £395 for non-members, with no requirement to renew until January 2021.

Forrester said of the scheme “Those companies who are quick to register and be audited will be able to take advantage of being the first to go to market, gaining significant publicity. While not every NAJ member can benefit directly from the mark, we believe it’s another great way of starting a conversation with existing and potential customers.”

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