Millennial Marketing Trends: How to Sell Jewellery to Younger Consumers

Millennial Marketing Trends: How to Sell Jewellery to Younger Consumers

If you want to market your pieces to millennials, you first need to know who they are. They’re the generation that has grown up in a world that’s changed like never before, and the way they respond to new products and marketing campaigns has changed out of all recognition. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the key trends you need to be aware of if you’re going to be able to sell your jewellery.

Longevity has never been more important

Millennials are set to live longer than any generation that came before them, and their journey is only just getting started. They’re environmentally conscious, they care about the planet, and they want pieces that last. Talking about your latest line and how it will last a lifetime is the way to go here. It will allow them to buy into the longevity of your products and will show them you’re committed to ending the disposable, throwaway culture they don’t agree with.

Authenticity is not far behind

Finding the right voice for your brand is important when you want to reach younger buyers. It’s important to find the words which bring every post and ad to life. Find a way to add fresh ideas and creativity to the mix and you’ll be rewarded with millennials’ attention. When you have a voice that can connect with the millennial market, you’ll be able to use it to put the ethos of your brand in the spotlight.

Aspirational campaigns work wonders

If you want to know what makes millennials tick, look no further than here. They’re the people who have the freedom and means to travel unlike ever before, and they love to do it. Positioning your pieces as statements about who they are, and what lies out there in the world, is a great way to open eyes. You’ll be able to create a presence in the market that resonates will people’s aspirations, and once you have that kind of positive association you’re all set.

Products that make connections are paramount

Connecting is what the age of the millennials is all about. Whether online or in real life, people want to be able to make associations that mean something. It’s not enough to produce a stunning new range. Your writing has to tell people why they need it in their lives, how it will show the world who they really are, and the places they can see and go with it. It’s not so much about the hard sell and talking about luxury. It’s more about painting a picture of the kind of lifestyle your target audience wants to live.

Not everything has to be a budget line

Marketing to millennials used to be all about being cheap, affordable, and quick, but that’s all changing. This is a generation that’s now coming of age and starting to earn like never before. Market your jewellery as sought after and something highly discerning, and you’ll be able to reach a whole new corner of the market. These are the people who now have disposable income, and they want to be told what they should do with it.

“Catching the eye of the millennial is all about selling a story that goes with your products. Jewellery is one of those areas where you really need to stand out, so putting thought into what you’re doing, and why, has never been more important” — says Luke Thomas, SEO Specialist at Essay Typer.

When you show the younger generation influencers wearing your range, and blogs featuring you, you’ll have hit the right note. These are the people whose views they care about, and they’re the best way to move away from the old school marketing techniques that just won’t work.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve heard all about how to sell your pieces to the ever-growing millennial market, all you need to do is put the tips and advice into action. The most important thing is to never lose sight of who you are, and why you’re in business. That way younger buyers will be able to connect with your story and won’t be shy about spreading it all over social media.

This article was written by guest contributor Natalie Andersen.

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