What is Made in Britain? Q&A with Lindsey Straughton

What is Made in Britain? Q&A with Lindsey Straughton

Made in Britain is a growing community of like-minded manufacturers and designer makers from all around the UK. By applying the Made in Britain marque to your product, packaging or website, your business is making it really clear to buyers and consumers that you’re making right here, in the UK. 

Here, Lindsey Straughton of the National Association of Jewellers explains why this initiative is so beneficial to UK retailers…

Why are the NAJ partnering with Made in Britain? 

The NAJ have teamed up with Made in Britain to give NAJ members the opportunity to use the Made in Britain marque at a preferential rate. We are partnering to help give our maker members a USP.

They can use the additional marketing collateral from MIB and tie in with their large membership who is using the ‘MIB marque’ ie the section of flag with the title.

Additionally Members who sign up to scheme will benefit from publicity on both the NAJ website and the Made in Britain website and the right to use an optional mark on the jewellery itself. Ample point of sale material will also be supplied to members that sign up to the scheme. We in effect will licence members to be able to use the Marque.

What do you get for your licence fee? 

  1. Access to the complete suite of Made in Britain marques and the Brand Handbook, with lots of ideas of how and where you can apply the logo on your marketing materials.
  2. The right to use the Made in Britain optional mark on your made in Britain jewellery.
  3. A dedicated company page in the online Made in Britain Members’ Directory, with all your social media links, photos and videos.
  4. Inclusion in the NAJ Made in Britain online directory 

What is the NAJ and Made in Britain partnership? 

Our members will receive a 25% discount on the MIB 2018 membership fee which will start as low as £150 for a member with a small turnover and will increase incrementally. Send members to their website Made in Britain website http://www.madeingb.org/ 

What is the definition of Made in Britain?

Products fully made in the UK or with the final significant manufacturing process taking part in the UK. We will set the criteria for the UK Jewellers and this is being looked at but may change in rigor dependent on whether the Assay Offices are prepared to mark items with an ADDITIONAL MARK into precious metal. Non precious metal will also be able to be marked eventually.

Lindsey Straughton of the National Association of Jewellers

Will my business have to meet certain criteria?

Yes you have to be accepted. Stage one will be to fill out the MIB application form.  All members will have signed the NAJ code of conduct and will be asked to explain you UK making or manufacturing. It will be primarily self-auditing with members noting who is signing up to this growing community on the website etc. We plan that there can be a spot check or an audit if we perceive any issues. 

Why should I register my interest now if it’s not available until 2018? 

We are asking for registrations now so we can go to the assay office and ask about the possibility of adding an optional mark on precious metal jewellery. We also need retailers to say they think it’s a good idea to stock MIB products and identify them to customers therefore everyone in the industry can comment.

Members can register their interest now by emailing madeinbritain@naj.co.uk  or filling out a form on the Association’s website. 


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