Instagram Accounts That Every Jewellery Aficionado Should Follow

Instagram Accounts That Every Jewellery Aficionado Should Follow

Whether you are a jewellery connoisseur or just want to feast your eyes upon some beautiful jewels and gems, there are 5 Instagram accounts that can be your daily dose of sparkle. You might follow them already but if not, you certainly should. Why? See below.


Who: Sotheby’s. The official Instagram account for Sotheby’s Auction house unites collectors across the globe with world-class works of art.

Why we love it: Sotheby’s features a compelling array of period and signed jewels from private collections. Step into the world of rare jewels, standout pieces and precious gems for auction that regularly pop up on their account. Be it the Unicorn brooch by the legendary Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany&Co circa 1956 or the 200 -year old Siberian life-size golden mouse, set with pearls and rubies, which springs to life at the press of a button.  Sotheby’s captures our imagination time and again with the unique pieces on offer at auctions.


Who: Yianni Melas. The gem exploring Instagram megastar does what he says: he takes you through his travels to the mines, where it all begins.

Why we love it:
If you love jewellery and gemstones you’d want to garner more in-depth knowledge on where the gems were sourced and how. There is no better person than Yianni Melas to talk you through it. A staunch supporter of artisanal miners, Yianni was a former instructor at Gemmological Institute of America and a gem consultant to Swarovski. He knows just about everything related to gemstones. Be it opals form Oregon, rubies from Macedonia, Amethyst from Brazil or Morganite from Mozambique, you can join Yianni on his journey to discovering the gemstones in their mines.


Who: Being a gemmologist and a jewellery insider, Katerina Perez founded –  a website dedicated to luxury jewellery and precious gemstones. Katerina undoubtedly has a sharp eye for the most spectacular and unique jewels and gems.

Why we love it: Katerina Perez is passionate about the jewellery craft and travels the world to carefully curate a selection of jewels she likes to write about. Attending jewellery shows and launches, she handpicks designers to feature on her portal. This jewellery influencer’s Instagram account, which highlights the latest trends and luscious gemstones, will have you addicted to jewellery for life.

@ fd_gallery

Who: Fernando Bustillo. Treasure hunter and partner at FD Gallery, New York, Fernando’s workplace houses exceptional 20th century jewels and such treasures as Art Deco, Retro and1970s era pieces, besides jewels by contemporary designers.

Why we love it: Fernando takes a peek at history and invites you to join him. On his Instagram account is where you’d get to see a Cartier Turquoise and Diamond ‘Lovers on a Bench’ Pin Brooch, c.1960, a Boucheron Diamond Serpent Necklace, c.1885. You’d also get to learn about Yashwant Rao Holkar II, Maharaja of Indore, who owned a pair of Indore Diamonds designed as pendants of a necklace by Chaumet. History lessons are mandatory, if you’d like to learn about jewellery and you can better understand tiara designs and tradition when, for instance, you see a painting of Frederica, Duchess of Cumberland (later Queen of Hanover) wearing a diamond kokoshnik (‘coxcomb’) tiara. This was a traditional form of a Russian girl’s headdress and fashion instituted in the early 19th century by the court.


Who: Almakarina Photo Agency. This Jewellery editorial and advertising photography Agency based in Paris is co-founded by photographer Tom Claisse and art director, stylist Karina Rikun.

Why we love it: No-holds-barred creative styling elegance has always been AlmaKarina’s forte, and their fashion and jewellery editorials do not disappoint. Tom and Karina create powerful editorials that narrate a visual and emotional tale all up for a peek on their Instagram.

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