IJL Inspired: Interview with Zeemou Zeng, IJL Bright Young Gem Alumni

IJL Inspired: Interview with Zeemou Zeng, IJL Bright Young Gem Alumni

Functionality and beauty – this is the design ethos of young designer Zeemou Zeng, whose unique designs with their exquisite craftsmanship truly do live up to that ethos. The brand specialises in fine jewellery, fashion accessories and crystal ware.

Zeemou founded the company in 2017 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. He was selected for a coveted place as one of four IJL Bright Young Gems in 2018 and has since been busy building on the success from the show. He was also awarded the Gold Award in the category of Fine Jewellery at this year’s GCDC Awards.

We caught up with the man behind the brand, Zeemou Zeng, and spoke about inspiration, trends and how becoming a Bright Young Gem helped launch his jewellery career.

How did you find out about Bright Young Gems and what made you want to apply?

I saw the Bright Young Gems stand at IJL few years ago and thought it was a great opportunity to showcase my jewellery collection to an international audience, have the chance to interact with other amazing designers, meet potential stockists and buyers, discuss the potential of my collection, and to learn from professionals in the industry.

What would be your advice to other recent graduates or final year students who are thinking of entering Bright Young Gems?

My advice would be to really think about your plan after graduation – would you like to take jewellery design as your future career? If yes, BYG is really for you, it is a platform that will really help to break you into the jewellery industry by making connections with people in the industry and it will also offer you lots of exciting opportunities. Think about what you want to achieve and try to maximise the opportunity. The IJL team is always there to help you whenever needed.

How do you think Bright Young Gems helped with where you are now? Did it help you on your journey to success?


BYG was my first experience of showcasing my jewellery collection, it was an unforgettable and fantastic experience! I would say BYG helped me launch into the jewellery industry, made me realise what I am good at and also what needs to be improved. It really did help move my career forward!

What are your top jewellery trend tips for the approaching spring season?

I think modern and unique pearl pieces are going to be very popular this spring! From delicate pearl hoops to ear cuffs and sculptural bracelets, pearl jewellery goes with almost any outfits. I like rings and earrings a lot, and I do think these pieces are the must-have for a woman’s wardrobe.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Personal experiences – from stories that I have heard in the past to the things that appeal to me day-to-day. I believe all of these experiences and impressions will return and become part of my designs in an unexpected way.  I like jewellery pieces that make a statement but can be worn every day. Both functionality and beauty are cornerstones of my design philosophy. 

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your jewellery?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Finally, how is your jewellery industry career or brand progressing and what are you hoping to achieve in the future?

The past year running my jewellery brand has not been easy but has been a very enjoyable journey so far. I think everything is on the right track now. Next steps, we are looking to expand our sales channels and grow our distribution. We – the team is growing –  will work harder and always try our best to deliver even more beautiful pieces to our customers.

View Zeemou’s amazing collection of work here

Inspired to enter Bright Young Gems 2019? Applications for this year are now open until 24th May 2019. Click here to enter now.

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