IJL 2017 New Exhibitor: Fashion Jewellery with a Couture Look from Lily and Rose

IJL 2017 New Exhibitor: Fashion Jewellery with a Couture Look from Lily and Rose

With striking campaign images, bold fashion jewellery collections and a spot-on approach to colour combinations, Lily and Rose is one of the most exciting fashion brands to join IJL in 2017.

Here, Nikolina Kotur, head of UK sales for Lily and Rose, explains more about the origins of the brand, its most popular collections and its plans for IJL in September…

Q. What can you tell us about your brand, its inspiration and the team behind it?

Our Zetterberg brand was born from Therese Zetterberg’s love for timeless vintage and elegant couture. She set up her business in 2007 with a production of dresses; both evening, day and bridal with a focus on high quality, elegance, and a luxurious touch.

To match her creations in a fun and fashionable way without breaking the bank she started making fashion jewellery with a couture look. And that is what has grown in to the brand that Lily and Rose is today. Lily and Rose represents a unique mix of craftsmanship quality and fashionable designs at an affordable price. The stylish collections include brass, silver and gold-plated rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories – made with Swarovski crystals in a subtle Scandinavian colour palette.

The brand also includes a bridal collection with more standout glamorous pieces such as crowns, hair combs, hairbands and other hair accessories. All pieces are wrapped in luxury packaging for a glamorous feel.

Earrings by Lily and Rose
Lola Ivory Cream Lacour Earrings by Lily and Rose, RRP £80.

Q. What makes your jewellery unique and why do you think it will appeal to the current market?

The glamorous feel of pieces combined with fashion jewellery prices makes them very attractive. Our colour combinations have always been a big hit. Pieces are all handmade and the craftsmanship behind them is excellent – we work with leading crafts people with 35-years of experience.

Q. What are your signature or key pieces that always seem to catch the eye of customers and retailers?

I would say all the larger statement earrings like Laurel, Chloe, Colette and Amy.

Q. Your campaign images and marketing materials are really eye-catching. What does this brand identity say about Lily and Rose? 

It reflects the brand and our vision witch is always, modern, playful, feminine and flirty. We spend a great amount of time on our campaigns and shoots to make sure we get that message across.

Lily and Rose model picture

Q. You have an incredible number of followers on social media – how important has Instagram been to grow your business and what are the secrets of your success?

There is no secret, it is truly organic growth from our clients and all the ladies out there that love our brand. We have a huge number of confident, fashionable ladies who completes their looks with our jewellery and loves to show it of on Instagram. We are very grateful and we love seeing their images every day. They have organically created a following for us.

Q. Why have you decided to exhibit at IJL and what do you hope to achieve from the event? 

We are huge across Scandinavia and are now aiming for the same with the UK. Being able to meet so many fantastic retailers both smaller and larger in one place is what attracted us to IJL.

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