Countdown to IJL 2017: Introducing Fox Surveillance & Security Solutions

Countdown to IJL 2017: Introducing Fox Surveillance & Security Solutions

We look forward to welcoming Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions to IJL 2017.

This new exhibitor specialises in personal security and accredited training courses designed to help those in high-value trades stay safe, master surveillance and be more aware of their surroundings.

Founder and owner, Joel Adlington, started his career in the British military, serving for a total of 10-years. He saw action in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq in key frontline leadership roles, specialising in covert military surveillance. After leaving the military Joel moved into the private security industry working in the investigations, surveillance, close protection and training worlds.

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He is a well respected industry figure who specialises in both hostile environment and corporate security disciplines having worked for and alongside such companies as Canary Wharf Development, Shell, BP, British Government, Australian Government and various diplomatic offices.

Joel Adlington Fox SAS
Joel Adlington, founder and owner of Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions.

Joel set up his own business in 2017, having identified a gap in the market for security training and staff development in the high-value jewellery trade. Here, he shares his insights and explains how jewellers can benefit from his experiences…

Q: What are the aims of your business?

Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions Ltd was set up by myself early this year in order to provide a platform for what I see as a critical gap in the high value goods trade with respect to staff training, staff safety, venue and asset protection. We aim to raise the standard of security awareness for all shop floor and non-security staff in the industry. To educate people in the subtleties and mannerisms that will keep them and their families safe and to provide top level training, which will ultimately improve the safety of stock and staff.

Q: Why do you think personal security is so important for trades like jewellery, and how do you see your services helping?

Being involved in a trade such as jewellery makes you an automatic target for the ever increasing and violent criminal sections of society. Advertising yourself as working for a high-end jeweller on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms, or simply a casual chat in a crowded place, could generate interest from criminals which would put your safety in danger.

Our services educate staff on how to keep themselves safe and also offer an insight into the surveillance carried out by criminal gangs before any targeted strike happened. Stopping an attack by identifying it before it happens helps to save the trauma and financial loss of an aggressive robbery.

Q: What can you tell us about the accredited courses you offer – what do they entail?

Our courses are accredited by the Security Training Authority and they entail small details that people can easily implement into their daily lives to help protect themselves and make themselves less of a target. Our instructors are all ex-specialised covert military surveillance operatives who can provide staff with a broad knowledge of how surveillance teams work and how people gather information prior to conducting a targeted strike.

Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions new exhibitor at IJL 2017
Courses offered by Fox SSS are accredited by the Security Training Authority.

Q: Who do you hope to meet at IJL and what do you offer that’s different for the trade?

At IJL I am hoping to meet managing directors, owners and manager of high value jewellers who are looking to invest in their staff and their business to improve security. What we offer is unique in the trade as this type of information is typically solely targeted at security departments, as opposed to staff and management. This is very basic information that can be taken on board by the highly motivated and intelligent people already working within your company. It is a method of investing in your staff, keeping them safe and improving the security of assets and venues.

Currently, the only training conducted is how to act in the event of an armed robbery. This is reactive and only delivers a certificate of attendance with no credibility. By taking our courses you are taking a bold step towards preventing an armed robbery before it happens and by offering accredited training, this gives the jeweller something to take to their insurance to provide evidence of mitigating risks, which could lower insurance premiums.

Don’t miss your chance to find out more! Visit Fox Surveillance and Security Solutions at IJL 2017 at Stand N37

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