Countdown to IJL 2017: What to Expect from UJT

Countdown to IJL 2017: What to Expect from UJT

International Jewellery London catches up with Joel Storfer, director of premium exhibitor, UJT, to find out what they will be offering the trade in 2017.

Find out more about UJT by visiting their Exhibitor Listing, or take a look at the company’s website, here.

Q. How have the last 12 months been for UJT?

The last twelve months have been buzzing with excitement about further new development in our diamond section. We now have an offering of the UJT Semi Mount Collection, as well as further development on our ETs. The new catalogue due to come out in time for IJL will feature these additions and changes with a greater emphasis on the diamond section than our previous editions.

Q. Have you had any surprising best-sellers in recent months, or perhaps a particular gemstone has proved popular?

In terms of a particular gem stone, we find that emeralds are immensely popular and very strong. Perhaps this reflects a general trend on ‘going green’…

Q. What will you be launching at IJL this year?

Semi mounts! Halo and non-halo, these have never been shown at IJL before. They are available in several different diamond shoulder designs and in two basic qualities: 18K G-SI2 and PT G-SI1 for seven different centre stone sizes ranging from 0.25Ct to 2.00Ct.

UJT Premium Exhibitor IJL 2017

Q. What do you think customers should know about your business and how you differ from others?

90% of UJT jewellery is manufactured in-house, using materials that have been sourced by UJT staff. The net result is superiour looking jewellery at affordable price points.

Q. What are your best-selling lines or profiles?

We supply a variety of regions and find that coloured stone with diamonds collections are very strong up north, whereas in the south plain diamond is much more popular. This is due to regional fashion and tastes but the divide seems quite distinct. Having said that, there is plenty of cross over, too.

Q. Your website looks great! Is this a new development for you and do you consider UJT a brand now as well as a supplier?

Our website was launched a year and a half ago and we are always working on improving and updating it even further as collections change and evolve. We do not consider UJT a brand, however, the UJT name is synonymous with our company mantra: Excellent price. Excellent service. Excellent quality.

Q. You have a bespoke area on your website with a white label and POS offer, could you tell us a little bit more about this?

For larger retail customers, we provide not only jewellery products but also branding and supporting POS materials which are available via our art department.

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