Q&A: How the IIDGR is supporting the diamond industry with innovation

Q&A: How the IIDGR is supporting the diamond industry with innovation

This year, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research, also known as the IIDGR, will exhibit at International Jewellery London for the first time. 

As part of the De Beers Group of Companies, the IIDGR is tasked with providing grading services and ground-breaking screening instruments to the worldwide diamond industry. Here we talk to Chris Sanger, trade marketing specialist at IIDGR De Beers Operations, to discuss the Institute’s latest innovations, new equipment and its highly-regarded melee testing services…

Q: What diamond testing instruments can the industry access via the IIDGR?

CS: Our current suite of instruments including the DiamondSure, DiamondSure Mount, DiamondView, DiamondPlus and Automated Melee Screening Device (AMS) remain the most robust and reliable in the industry. These, combined with the name of De Beers offer confidence to an industry increasingly concerned by undisclosed synthetic diamonds.

Q: What should IJL 2016 visitors know about the disclosure service offered by the IIDGR?

CS: The AMS device is a spectrometer-based system for automatically screening for potential synthetics and simulants. The AMS device is controlled by a computer using proprietary software. The instrument is fully automated and will take up to 500cts at any one time, screening loose diamonds in the smaller size ranges (0.01 – 0.20ct). The service we offer is a full testing service rather than a screening service, meaning that any referrals we find will be fully tested before being sent back to the client. A full referral testing service is offered and the diamonds will be returned in tamper proof bags, which is included in our price.

Q: Are there any new innovations that we should be looking out more?

CS: We have a new machine launching in September called PhosView, which will detect HPHT synthetics in very small stones and/or parcels. Plus, there will be further innovations in 2017, which we are very excited about and we are sure the industry will be too.

Q: Do you think the industry is becoming more focused on issues of grading and testing, especially as the lab grown and synthetic diamond markets continue to grow?

CS: Yes, people are becoming more interested, but at this stage we are only grading goods 10pts or above. As undisclosed synthetics become more prevalent it is important that manufacturers, retailers and consumers are able to distinguish their goods. Our unique suite of services offer the chance to do this with complete confidence.

Q: What do you think sets IIDGR apart from other diamond grading and melee testing services – what makes you unique?

CS: We are aware of other laboratories and companies offering similar services and products, but what really sets us apart is the support we receive from De Beers Technologies and the world-class technology that has evolved through many years of research and development with considerable dedication to diamonds  and synthetic identification. Our underlying ethos is based on retaining and promoting confidence within the industry, particularly with the challenges currently being faced. We encourage the industry to use our services to maintain the trust in their product and ultimately the industry as a whole.

Q: What made you decide to exhibit at IJL this year?

CS: This is our first time as IIDGR at IJL and we are delighted to be participating. Our aim is to continue reinforcing the message of IIDGR to the industry and to make the market aware of any products, services or innovations we have available or coming soon.

Say hello to IIDGR at International Jewellery London at Olympia Grand from 4th-6th September 2016. Find them on stands B21 & C130.

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