Get Set with JET! Discover the NAJ’s Refreshed JET Certificate at IJL 2017

Get Set with JET! Discover the NAJ’s Refreshed JET Certificate at IJL 2017

At this year’s IJL, the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) will host two engaging talks and introduce its revised JET Certificate.

Retail business owners and their staff members visiting on Sunday 3rd will have the opportunity to hear from JET tutor, Mark Houghton, who will offer a quick-fire taste of the new JET Certificate Qualification in The Academy at 4pm. On Monday 4th, the NAJ’s director of education, Kate Madelin, will offer bespoke one-on-one advice in the Skills Lab. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your questions and discover exactly how your staff can #GetsetwithJET.

With just a few days to go until the doors of Olympia open, Kate Madelin answers our questions about the refreshed JET Certificate and how it can benefit retail businesses up and down the country.

Q. What makes the NAJ’s JET courses different from others on offer? 

JET courses are long-established, meticulously developed and ably supported by an experienced and committed team of tutors. Another real benefit is that courses are completed online, which means you won’t need to book time off work or disrupt your working day. Every successful JET student receives a certificate or diploma, so they can display their qualifications in the work place.

Q. Who is the JET Certificate Qualification designed for and what does it teach them?

On completion of the JET Certificate, you will have extensive jewellery product knowledge including an understanding of the Four Cs and how to identify coloured gemstones. You will also be able to recognise precious metals and identify hallmarks and have a good working knowledge of watches and clocks. You will excel in customer care and your newly acquired knowledge has been proven to increase sales for previous students.

Q. How has the Certificate been updated and how has it been improved?

JET Certificate (formerly JET 1) has been rewritten to ensure its relevance across the whole of the jewellery industry. The NAJ have updated the modules to incorporate information that is applicable across the whole supply chain and not just in retail environments. The design module now reflects a wonderful design heritage and showcases the prominent designers of today. There is also a new module on jewellery manufacture to give students a good working knowledge of how jewellery is made. This course is now just as suitable for a designer maker or craftsperson as it is to an employee of a large retailer or manufacturer.

NAJ courses have always been developed by industry practitioners. Many experts including some of the industry’s most prominent designers and manufacturers have been part of the recent extensive rewrite of JET Certificate.

Q. What other courses does the NAJ offer that are relevant to the jewellery industry?

We have four additional courses that are relevant to those working in the jewellery trade. Graduating from the JET Diploma, you will understand metals and hallmarking, diamonds and gemstones and watches. You will have an excellent knowledge of the history of jewellery, the design process and manufacturing techniques. You will be able to introduce customers to all the services on offer including valuations and repairs. You will also have an awareness of retail law and the essential elements of security. Ultimately, you will be skilled in delivering the best service possible to your customers which will ultimately increase sales.

On completion of the JET Management course, you will be in control of your own career path and manage your time effectively. You will be able to manage, develop and motivate your team. You will also be able to evaluate your store and ensure that you provide the best service possible to your customers

Taking all six modules of JET Business Development will equip you with the knowledge required to develop and implement a complete business plan, which will make a real difference to your business and to your bottom line. You will also understand how to sustain your business and ensure that it is profitable on a long term basis. Finally, on completion of the CAT (Certificate of Appraisal Theory), you will understand the theories, methodologies and good working practices needed to become a competent jewellery valuer.

Q. What will you be sharing at IJL 2017 and who are you hoping to meet?

We are really looking forward to meeting everyone at the show. We would encourage members and non members alike to come along and talk to us about your training needs. If you don’t think that we offer what you need, talk it through with us at the show or give us a call. I am confident that we can help.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the NAJ education team at Stand J20 from September 3-5 2017. Plan your visit today and discover fantastic seminars and workshops at IJL 2017, plus a whole host of brands, suppliers and service providers

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