Where Are They Now? Amy Stringer on Her Career since Bright Young Gems

Where Are They Now? Amy Stringer on Her Career since Bright Young Gems

In 2015, Sheffield Hallam University graduate, Amy Stringer, was given a Highly Commended accolade in International Jewellery London’s Bright Young Gems competition. 

Today, this talented jewellery designer, curator and tutor continues to follow her creative passions and produce collections by hand from her studio.

To explore exactly how influential Bright Young Gems was on her early career, we caught up with Amy to discover what the competition meant to her and what her advice would be to those thinking of entering.

Q. How did you find out about Bright Young Gems and what made you want to apply?

My university introduced me to Bright Young Gem’s and encouraged me to apply, I thought it would be a good opportunity to apply for my first competition and had no idea I would actually end up winning an award, it really gave me the confidence to push forward in my first year of independent making.

Q. Why was entering important to you?

If you are serious about turning your work into a career, it’s a must. It gives you a springboard, a sense of credibility and a confidence boost to get you going in that important first year.

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Q. What would be your advice to other recent graduates or final year students who are thinking of entering Bright Young Gems?

Talk to everyone! It is so important when you get these opportunities to talk to everyone and anyone who approaches you. Don’t favour people who you recognise from the industry, because you never know who everyone else is.

I currently work for a wonderful contemporary gallery in Leeds and am often mistaken for ‘just another student’ when attending shows to find new makers… you never know who could be approaching you.

Amy Stringer Pendant Bright Young Gems
A pendant design with concrete by Amy Stringer.

Q. What have you been doing since securing the Highly Commended at Bright Young Gems 2015?

As well as continuing to make and pursue my jewellery career, I have also gone into curation. Having the Highly Commended Award from IJL definitely gave my brand a sense of credibility.

To be recognised by such a major jewellery organisation was a dream, and I was able to advertise and use this to show that although I was a new graduate, I was a serious maker wanting to become part of the industry.

Amy Stringer Geometric Necklace Bright Young Gems
A necklace from Amy Stringer’s Brutalist collection.

I am now a self employed contemporary jeweller, continuing to create new collections and explore cement as a unique jewellery material. I also work as the Jewellery Coordinator for the Craft Centre and Design Gallery Leeds.

I have collections available through contemporary galleries across the country, I have exhibited at shows in the UK and Holland and have no intention of slowing down any time soon! I am hoping to begin teaching jewellery classes from my studio this year, as well as launch a new collection and take part in several UK shows.

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