Andrew Geoghegan talks relaunching his brand at IJL

Andrew Geoghegan talks relaunching his brand at IJL

2015 saw designer fine jewellery brand Andrew Geoghegan overhaul its brand image with a new website, logo and ethos. We talk to the brand’s eponymous designer to find out what made IJL the perfect platform to show off all his hard work…

Q: Why did you decide to relaunch your brand last year?

It was becoming apparent that there was a disconnect between our product, its price and the way we presented ourselves in the marketplace. This disconnection had a huge impact on the way our retailers portrayed us and how the consumer perceived us – we knew this needed addressing and that changes needed to be made. It was clear that we really needed to explore the Andrew Geoghegan brand, to understand exactly who we were, why we do what we do, and who we do that for – something we hadn’t done for quite a few years. Ultimately, we wanted to understand why our brand existed – what was our purpose?

The journey we took enabled us to fully understand who we were and which direction we wanted the brand to go. This exploration was essential for the success and longevity of the business and also a marvellous opportunity for me to interrogate what I do – to understand how both my practice and business have developed over time, my connection to it, and ultimately how all that connects with the wearer – what they truly value and appreciate about what we do. It was an amazing journey.

Q: Why was IJL the best platform for you to show off the results of your brand redesign? 

IJL was the perfect platform to relaunch our brand. Andrew Geoghegan has exhibited at  IJL for many years and it has often been the chosen venue to showcase our new collections – it seemed only fitting that this should be the venue to launch the new Andrew Geoghegan brand identity. We didn’t want the launch to be merely one received by retailers via digital or printed means – we wanted the industry to truly get a sense of the new identity and the implications that went along with it.

With the majority of UK retailers in attendance, we felt that IJL would provide a fabulous setting for a ‘real-life’ launch of the rebrand and allow retailers to come and see the new look as well as being able to talk to the team at Andrew Geoghegan about the significant changes we had made.

Q: How was your experience of IJL in 2015 – did it live up to your expectations?

We had a terrific fair. New retailers, established retailers and even ones with whom we had previously parted company with, placed orders and expressed their delight in the new AG. The team did feel that the IJL should revert back to a four day event rather than three. We felt this because we needed more time to spend with our clients and that four days would give us that opportunity.

I would also add that I believe more UK retailers should support IJL. The dazzle of the international fairs, can sometimes put the IJL unfairly in the shadows, but we strongly encourage the UK jewellery industry to support it and visit. IJL always hosts a fantastic mix of suppliers – many of which are home grown talents that deserve the platform to be seen by all.

Q: With such an exciting year in 2015 how will the Andrew Geoghegan brand continue to develop in 2016 – do you have any surprises up your sleeve?

Always! We never rest on our laurels, and Andrew Geoghegan has much to offer in 2016. Since the IJL we have launched our luxurious point of sale which takes a confident and imperious seat in our retail networks’ windows. By the time this interview goes to press, we will have launched the exquisite Clair de Lune, a French inspired bridal collection which we are certain will follow in the footsteps of the Cannelé, our most successful piece to date. This will be paralleled with a new Cocktail launch, the Satellite Pear, and throughout the year you will be releasing many more bridal and cocktail collections.

Our jewellery launches are now a very different affair, and in line with where we now know we need to be positioned. The Clair de Lune will launch with an incredible campaign and we are more than a little bit excited about the response it will get from the industry. Impeccable image assets for digital and print as well as a synergy across all platforms from PR to Social Media is absolutely essential for the new look Andrew Geoghegan. With our photographic images being shot by the genius Andrew Neilson, we know the industry will be wowed by what we have to show off this season.

In the run up to the rebrand the company matured into a truly standout business. We knew that to ensure the continued success of the company we had to explore every aspect of the business and we have made some brave changes. We addressed every element including order and office management, sales, accounts, brand management and marketing to ensure everything worked beautifully together. With this excellence running through each member of the team and vein of the business the AG brand is set to establish itself further as a truly inspirational British brand. We can’t wait to show you how in 2016!

Q: What are your best-selling designs at the moment?

The aforementioned Cannelé has been a phenomenal seller for us, partly fuelled by the fact Pippa Middleton wears a stunning version in Rose gold with Chocolate diamond. On the other side of the arena we have the cocktail rings where the Chocolate Box, with its delicious collection of colours, and the Satellite keep on proving their desirability. In terms of which metal and gemstones are performing – in bridal, platinum and 18ct white continues to remain strong for us with rose gold showing a resurgence of late. In our cocktail collection, the three colours of 18ct remain strong with pretty much any gemstone you care to mention.

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