5 minutes with: Sarah Ho

5 minutes with: Sarah Ho

Following a successful ‘Sentimental Treasures’ tour of Asia, Sarah Ho, founder and designer of Sarah Ho London, explains what makes the market so exciting and why she continues to rely on International Jewellery London…

Q: Why did you decide to go ‘on tour’ and what did you hope to achieve?

SH: I decided to start the jewellery tour in Asia to mark my 10th year of business, and the company’s first step into High Jewellery. I was born in Hong Kong, so it made sense for me to start the tour there. Then we went to Macau, a place where I was brought up, a place which as a market to break into is growing every year.

After laying a strong presence in both places it made perfect sense to end this part of the tour in Beijing which is known in the East as the doorway into the China market place. 

Q: What makes the Asian market unique for jewellery?

SH: In Asia, when buying at a High level, the intimacy and the luxury of the service and experience on a one-to-one level is as important as the actual piece you are selling.

Q: In terms of your jewellery, do you find some pieces work better in the UK while others work best internationally?

SH: I found that in Asia the customers’ knowledge and experience in craftsmanship and the quality of the stones superseded anything I have ever encountered internationally. It was always our Master pieces or one offs that the Asian customer gravitated towards over any of my other collections, which have proven to be a success in Europe.

Q: What would be your advice to other brands who want to expand in Asia – are there any particularly strong places to start or things they should consider?

SH: My best advice is to find a good agency, or a local partner to collaborate with in order to get the maximum exposure in testing the market for your brand.

Q: How has exhibiting at International Jewellery London shaped your experiences as a designer and brand?

SH: I have been exhibiting at IJL for 10 years now. It is an important show to be in as we are at our core a British Company. Exhibiting at IJL gives us the amazing opportunity to catch up with our UK stockists, and to bridge potential new relationships with international buyers.

Watch: Sarah Ho presents her Amaryllis Collection to celebrate her brand’s 10th anniversary.

Editor’s Choice 2015 WINNER: Sarah Ho won in the ‘Diamonds in Design’ category for her ‘6’ and ‘0’ diamond-set rings inspired by her larger Numerati Collection. Launched in the first half of 2015, the collection includes rings in the shape of numbers one to nine, with the numbers appearing more abstract when on the finger and more specific when off. The collection perfectly taps in to the special meanings associated with numbers in all cultures, especially the number eight in China.

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