How to find the ideal jewellery influencer on Instagram

How to find the ideal jewellery influencer on Instagram

Often, the biggest challenge for a brand or designer, keen to explore soft marketing or promote their new designs on Instagram, is choosing the right influencer.

How do you get your jewels in front of your target audience? Collaborating with a niche influencer and promoting your brand via a social media platforms is the first step, as these individuals will help you reach out far beyond your circle of followers and generate interest in your brand. The context, the reach in terms of followers, the genre of their platform, the quality and content on their Instagram all need to be taken into account before you embark on a creative adventure with the influencer.

Instagram influencers for jewellery can be broadly divided into two: сurators and trendsetters. The difference is that curators do not generate their own posts and repost images from other accounts while trendsetters bring content and are discerning about who they feature on their social media. They discover the best of jewellery out there, highlight it, and followers trust their recommendations. So, for brands and designers, who wish to tap into a bigger client base, it is best to collaborate with a trendsetter influencer.

We’ve rounded up the leading Instagram influencers from three different genres. Take a look at their Instagram accounts to discover more…

Who: Katerina Perez, gemmologist and jewellery insider
Instagram: @katerina_perez / 120k followers
Focus: Fine and high jewellery, and jewellery watches
Key Aspects: Gemmologist, founder and editor-in-chief of her namesake digital platform, Katerina Perez offers jewellery insights from around the globe to her readers. She highlights not only the creations of luxury brands, but also talented artisan jewellers. She loves to discover intricate craft techniques as well as eye-catching sumptuous gems and trace their journey from the mines to gem collectors, and beyond. Katerina uses the Instagram account to highlight the best of fine jewellery and take her followers from Paris to Las Vegas, and from Hong Kong to Basel. She has a hashtag #ichoosefinejewels

Who: Danielle Miele, jewellery blogger and gemmologist
Instagram: @gemgossip / 133k followers
Focus: Vintage, period jewellery and rings
Key Aspects: With five years’ experience as head gemmologist and appraiser at a local antique jewellery store, Danielle Miele blogs about jewellery and shares her expertise as a jewellery consultant. Her informative and highly popular Instagram account focuses on trends, antique and period jewellery, and celebrity jewellery. The photographs on her Instagram account also highlight her discoveries of gems and travels around the world, appealing jewellery stories, visits to stores and ring collection. She has a hashtag #showmeyourrings

Who: Beanie Major
Instagram: @indetaillondon / 13.9k followers
Focus: Everyday wearable fine and fashion jewellery, trendy designs
Key Aspects: Founder and creative director of the jewellery platform In Detail, Beanie Major is a trained jewellery designer. Her Instagram account follows her creative endeavours, as she delves into the jewellery boxes of inspirational women all over the world, meets designers and tastemakers, browses exclusive editorial shoots and creates original street style imagery. With a keen eye for design, Beanie’s Instagram is an online jewellery destination that throws the spotlight on relevant, innovative and inspiring pieces.  She has a hashtag #earspiration

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Hi, thanks for the article! I only wonder why isn’t Gemologue by Liza Urla here? She is a true trendsetter, both discovering new talents and featuring A celebrities. Besides, she also gives interesting facts about gems as she is a certified gemologist. I love her Instagram feed and would highly recommend it to everyone! (@Gemologue)

  2. Lindsey Reynolds says:

    I am looking for an Jewellery influencer that will help promote my earrings- Andora Earrings. I am in the very early stages of selling but want a good blogger/influancer to promote my earrings. Any advise would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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